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2020 is the Year of Thought Forge

It's 2020, and Thought Forge Marketing is ringing in the new year with style - launching marketing services all over Calgary, AB.
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Make your designs pop like these fireworks, with Thoght Forge Marketing

It has certainly been a happy new year here at Thought Forge! Our team is ready to go – including some of the most passionate marketing specialists, creative designers and web developers in the city of Calgary. Everyone here is excited to announce that we have officially launched full marketing services as of January 1, 2020 and are already working with some very interesting clients on projects ranging from brand development to digital initiatives and more. We couldn’t be more happy with the reception we’ve recieved from business owners in Calgary!

If you’re not familiar with us, please review our site, or contact us to ask a few questions. We’re always happy to help!

Here’s a bit of what we’re all about:

Our Brand Represents Passion, Craftsmanship and Energy

From the start, we envisioned a company that showcases some of the best talent in Alberta. We are original thinkers focused on marketing results, but when we’re not diving into analytics we like to have fun too!

Our name “Thought Forge Marketing” expresses our desire to take great ideas and forge them into better marketing results. Our logo is a vibrant orange to represent the energy and enthusiasm of our group and what we aim to instill in all our work. The logo is a mixture of a lightening bolt, and a flame to emphasize the power of ideas while sticking to the imagery of a forge.

We Strive to Live Our Values in the Work We Produce, and the Relationships We Foster With All Our Clients

In all our interactions, we aim to build your trust in us by being honest and open, dependable, and communicative. We reinforce this by delivering the best work we possibly can – putting all our creativity and passion into your projects.

We are diligent and hard working, with the highest respect for craftsmansip and accountability to results.

We also like to have fun, and invite you to have some fun with us. If we haven’t met yet and you have something we might be able to help with, send us a note. We’re always happy to sit down for a drink or a bite to eat and pound out the details of your dilemma until together we’ve found a creative solution with actionable next steps.

From everyone here at Thought Forge, happy New Year, and we wish you and your families the very best that 2020 has to offer. So write a book, climb a mountain, or do whatever drives you – because 2020 is going to be a great year for all of us.

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